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you'd like to join us? absolutely spiffing, old chap! CONpossible is 100% volunteer operated, so read on for all the info you'll need.

Are you interested in literature, cosplay, technology & engineering, and all things alternate history? Then you might be interested in volunteering at CONpossible!

We are a non-profit organization focused on promoting exciting and educational alternative history events and social gatherings that are accessible to the overall alternative history and speculative fiction community. It takes a village of amazing volunteers like you to make this show the warm & fantastic place that it is.

Volunteering at CONpossible does require a certain investment of time, so before you apply make sure you are prepared to work; however, we accept volunteers of all ages, abilities, and experience levels, and will make the experience as fun and rewarding as possible for everybody.


We are currently looking for individuals to fill the following positions:

Programming Second

  • Assisting our Director of Programming with the creation of our program, which would include reading & responding to panelist applications, updating our database, coordinating with the other programming directors, and coordinating with guest services when necessary.

  • Requires good communication and problem-solving skills.

Media Track Director

  • Lead programming director for our Media Track (this would include programming related to alternate history & speculative fiction books, movies, TV shows, video games, anime, comic books, graphic novels, etc.) The Media Track director works under our Director of Programming, and is responsible for curating fan panels on popular media that fits our theme.

  • Requires coordinating with our media guests, finding panelists, and a decent knowledge of alt history and speculative fiction.


Social Media Mavens

  • Updating our social media outlets with guest announcements, programming updates, sales related to the convention, and other relevant topics. Would work with our social media director to create a weekly release schedule, and be on site to take photos and videos of the event and push announcements.

  • Requires familiarity with most social media platforms and good typing skills. Not required but helpful if you also have graphic and/or video editing skills, access to the Adobe suite of tools, and familiarity with livestreaming.

Other positions are always available, so even if you don't see something listed here you are welcome to fill out an application and let us know what department you are interested in applying with. We will let you know when we have availabilities.


January 28th, 2024 — All Volunteer Meeting — 4:oopm EST​​

Location TBD, Livestreamed to Discord

Requiremets & Benefits

Being a volunteer does require a commitment of your time and energy, but you will also have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of making new friends and contributing to three days of fantastic fun! Please read on for some important info.

  • First-time volunteers are generally required to pay $20 for their weekend badge, which will provide access to all areas of the convention. (Returning volunteers receive a complimentary membership to the convention.)

    • If you have already bought a full-price membership, refund of the difference will be issued Sunday after all volunteer hours have been logged.

  • As a volunteer, you will be expected to put in a certain number of hours during the convention. These hours may vary depending on department, but generally speaking we expect a minimum of 12 volunteer hours spread out over the entire weekend.

    • We will work with all availabilities and abilities, and you may request certain times to volunteer and certain times to be free (to attend panels, events, etc).

  • ​Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

    • Opportunities to contribute to such areas as the Youth Academy may be open to younger "helpers" and is at the discretion of our directors. To find out more, send us an email.

Like we said, being a volunteer also comes with some great benefits!

  • Obviously the first benefit is you get to attend the whole weekend for a very low cost (or for free if you've volunteered with us before).

  • Free swag! Volunteers will receive one of our commemorative pins for the year, and may be eligible for other gifts and raffles.

  • Volunteers who successfully complete the hours assigned to them by their directors also qualify for our Sunday night "Dead Dog" party. The dead dog party is the exclusive event we hold after the convention is over for our volunteers and remaining guests, as a thank-you for everything you did to make the convention great. Even though we may feel "as dead as dogs" by the end of the weekend, it's a chance to have some food, beverages, dance, play games, win prizes, and enjoy each other's company.

  • Volunteers who receive a favorable review from their directors will also earn themselves a spot as a returning volunteer for the following year.

Polices & Procedures

As a volunteer, we ask that everyone follow a few common sense policies and procedures:

  • Conduct: We are all here to have a splendid time, but as a representative of the convention we ask that you conduct yourselves with kindness and courtesy. In some cases, you will be someone's first introduction to the wonderful world of alternative history — make it a good one, so that we all have a fantabulous weekend together!

  • Do not show up for your shifts intoxicated. All volunteers are expected to show up for their assigned shifts 5 minutes early and prepared to work as directed by their director. If you become intoxicated while on duty or show up for your assigned shift while under the influence of a controlled substance, you may be removed as a volunteer.

  • Dress Code: Dress appropriately for the area in which you will be volunteering (for instance, if you are helping with load in/out you will want to wear close-toed shoes). Cosplay is allowed, but remember that this is a family-friendly event, so we ask that you refrain from risqué cosplay including but not limited to lewd or offensive tshirts or costumes of an adult nature.

  • Volunteers have the same privileges as any other attendee and are expected to abide by all convention rules.

  • Volunteer badges will be held at the registration table beginning on Friday of the convention. You will be provided with instructions on how to pay for your badge (or apply for your volunteer discount if you have already purchased one at full price) upon approval of your application.

  • Lastly, and most importantly... 

    • CONpossible strives to be a warm and welcoming environment for attendees of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, and by volunteering with us you will become part of the CONpossible family. If this is your first time volunteering, don't be intimidated! We will work with you on any special needs you may have.

    • You are important to us. Make sure you are taking time to eat, sleep, shower, and enjoy the con. Our volunteer services director cares about you and will ensure you have breaks when you need them.

    • DON'T PANIC! If this is your first year volunteering, all of this can sound overwhelming. But don't worry. Once you arrive at the convention, we will make sure you have everything you need to succeed and have a great time. Oftentimes working with other volunteers forges lifelong friendships.

Something else on your mind that wasn't covered here? You can email us anytime with your questions, and we'll make sure the appropriate director reaches out to you with an answer.

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