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compossible : able or possible to coexist with another

CONpossible is an annual 3-day alternative history and speculative fiction convention taking place each February in Atlanta, GA. CONpossible is a registered DBA under Uchronia Events Corporation, a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit Georgia corporation that supports educational and community related events in the Southeastern US.

As our name suggests, CONpossible explores what is possible both within history and our own imaginations, and dares our guests to immerse themselves in alternative possibilities. How might the course of history been altered if a particular historical event had an outcome different from the real life outcome? What if there are realities other than our own, where magic and science evolved side-by-side? That question — What If? — drives the heart and soul of our convention.

Much like our predecessor, The Atlanta Steampunk Exposition, we celebrate the creativity and diversity of alternative history and speculative fiction through a variety of maker panels, literature and media programming, costumery, gaming, contests and much more. We are ever-so-much more than Steampunk — We are Everypunk.

Join us February 16-18, 2024 for CONpossible 2024, where our theme will be, "The Jungles of Venus"!

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