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The Atlanta Steampunk Exposition is becoming "CONpossible" — an annual 3-day alternative history and speculative fiction convention! Taking place each February in Atlanta, GA, CONpossible is a registered DBA under Uchronia Events Corporation, a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit Georgia corporation that supports educational and community related events in the Southeastern US.

Dates for CONpossible 2024 have been announced! We hope you will join us February 16-18, 2024 for CONpossible  this year's theme is: "The Jungles of Venus"!


Why the change?

While there are a variety of reasons, for some time now we have wanted to make these changes in order to offer a more accessible and inclusive event, and increase our opportunities for charity fundraising and community gatherings. As a non-profit event, we will be able to keep our focus on where it has always been—community outreach—and get back to hosting "Steampunk Meet-Ups" throughout the year in various locations between our annual convention. (We already have our first two planned!) But we also frequently get asked the question: “Am I still welcome at the event if I don’t have a 'strict' Steampunk cosplay?” 

The answer is YES!! We welcome all flavors of ‘punk and her sister fandoms, including:

  • Dieselpunk

  • Rococopunk

  • Atompunk

  • Aetherpunk

  • Cyberpunk

  • Clockpunk

  • Tzarpunk



The heart and soul of Steampunk for many of us is making, creating, and inventing. Whether it’s in the Victorian era or a fantasy world of your own devising, it’s beautiful to us. With the adoption of our new identity, we hope to break down barriers and create a space where we can all celebrate the wide and expansive world of alternative history and speculative fiction together.

Who's in charge?

Our fearless and beloved Captain Billbill Harrison will be stepping down to a smaller role with the convention this year while he takes care of some personal matters. Fear not, he is still very much a primary part of our fabric, and we all fully support him while he takes this needed time.

Stepping into the role of convention chairperson is his first mate, Gabby Isabel. Most other leadership positions remain unchanged, including our Programming Director Jason Merrill and Vendor Coordinator Ed Neary. We are always on the lookout for new team members, however, so you’ll also see some new faces among our familiar group of directors. An updated list of volunteers and staff will be available in the About Us section soon.

CONpossible is sponsored by Uchronia Events Corporation, a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes exciting and educational alternative history events and social gatherings in the Southeastern US.

What does this mean for the 2024 convention?
1. What?

Everything you loved about the last 5 Expositions will be continuing on as CONpossible! Plus, we’ll be adding even more to the event based on your input. CONpossible will offer a variety of alternative history and speculative fiction programming, all your favorite contests, special events, and performances, and of course new panels, guests, and workshops!

As for the continuing storyline, when last we left you at "Steampunks In Spaaace!" (The 5th annual Atlanta Steampunk Expo, Feb. 10-12, 2023), Captain Billbill’s airship was just approaching the space dock orbiting Venus when disaster struck – the shuttle hosting our Youth Academy was deployed, and it crash landed on Venus! Captain Billbill announced that a rescue mission would be mounted at our next event.

Don’t worry, we will be finishing off this story in 2024 as we carry over the theme he announced at Closing Ceremonies: THE JUNGLES OF VENUS, based on the ideas of celebrated science fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs. Though Captain Billbill's airship, The Good Ship Venus, will be retiring along with our old name, we have a new cast of eccentrics and a brand new storyline we think you are really going to love.

2. WheN?

We will see you at CONpossible next February 16, 17, and 18, 2024!

3. Where?

This year, CONpossible will be hosted at "The Castle on the Hill," also known as the Hilton Atlanta Northeast, located at 5993 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092. This brand new host hotel will serve as the best setting yet for our little alternative history party.

Here's the fun part – with Captain Billbill’s airship, The Good Ship Venus, retiring along with our old name, we needed a brand new setting. And with this marvelous and mysterious new host hotel, we would like to welcome you henceforth to join us as our esteemed guests at Terminus Manor!

As part of our new storyline, Terminus Manor is a mysterious marvel of steampunk engineering. It defies time and space and often winds up in the places one least expects. Allegedly fueled by "a soupçon of magic," the Manor is home to a cast of characters who invite you all in for a weekend of splendid adventuring. Is it a madhouse of anachronistic do-gooders, or a secret society of shady explorers? It’s up to you to find out, by joining us February 16-18, 2024 at The Castle on the Hill.

4. Who will be there?

We are currently working on a fabulous list of guests and panelists to thrill you all in the Jungles of Venus. We expect an exciting mix of familiar and new faces. Among those returning, you can count on another amazing Tea Salon hosted by beloved Captains Tea Tzar Miah, Sam Birkenkamp, and Barrie Clark, and our first official production of The Lyceum Theatre Music Hall Revue hosted by Atlanta titan The Chameleon. We will be announcing our author and artist Guests of Honor very soon, among many more exciting reveals. So stay tuned for our website relaunch at the end of this week to learn more.

5. What's our 2024 charity?

We are pleased to announce that at the last Atlanta Steampunk Exposition, we raised over $3,500.00 for SPARK Reproductive Justice Now! We would like to thank all of our charity auction donors and especially those of you who were so generous with your donations.

Our charity for 2024 will be announced soon, and in keeping with the long tradition the Atlanta Steampunk Exposition established, CONpossible has chosen a local non-profit organization whose funds go straight into supporting the local community. Our local community and the Steampunk community at large are such a beloved and necessary piece of who we are, and particularly now we want to support that community in all the ways “possible” (see what we did there?). You will be able to find more info about our charity fundraising events for 2024 in the About section of our newly relaunched website soon.

Can I buy my tickets now?

Pre-sale memberships went on sale on June 1st, 2023 at select events across the country. We will have our on-line store up soon, as part of our website relaunch. Please check back at the end of the week for a link to our event page and membership options.

Rooms at The Castle On the Hill are available for booking now with our special CONpossible 2023 booking link and discount code. If you would like to reserve your rooms now, please book using this link to get the lowest rates possible, free parking, and more exclusive bonuses for members of our group only! (If you have any issues with the above link, our Group Code is "CONP24".

What if I bought tickets at the last ASE and rolled them forward to 2024?

All purchases made with The Atlanta Steampunk Exposition will be honored at CONpossible with proof of receipt and/or written documentation. As part of our relaunch, our registration process is undergoing a few changes to streamline how you buy and receive your memberships to CONpossible. We are diligently working to ensure all rollover tickets are honored at next year's event. If you have specific questions regarding a purchase or rollover, please reach out to us by email at

When can I expect to see all these changes, and where do I look for updates?

You will begin seeing these changes immediately. In the coming days, all Atlanta Steampunk Expo social media accounts will be rolling over to the new CONpossible identity, with new URLs and our brand new logos. So the good news is you’re likely already subscribed everywhere you need to be!


Our new website,, is currently in the works and will be relaunched in just a few days. If you are reading this because you navigated to our page from Google or our former URL, or followed the link from our Facebook Premiere video announcement, you are already in the right place! You will notice small changes already, so keep checking back for the full relaunch.


We also invite you to join our mailing list for email updates. Please use the subscription box below, and we’ll let you know when everything is official! **If you already subscribed to the ASE email list then you do NOT need to resubscribe to get CONpossible updates. We’ve already got you!**

Please let us know if you have any questions not answered in this FAQ. Thank you for following along with our 2024 updates and announcements. Stay tuned for our brand new website relaunch SOON!
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