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Tea Salon

Come for the tea & snacks.
Stay for the conversation & cozy atmosphere.
What is the Tea Salon?

A time honored tradition in the world of Steampunk conventions is the Tea Room. The tea room is the social hub of the show, where attendees can come for a light snack and a revitalizing cup of tea, sit for a spell, and enjoy conversation and comradery with other attendees.

CONpossible is bringing you everything you love about the tea room and making it even better.

Why do we call it the Tea "Salon"? For two main reasons. In Victorian England, the salon — sometimes called the drawing room or reception room — was where you received guests, often sharing tea and conversation or playing games or music. But salons became a popular activity in their own right around the late 18th century. Often hosted by women (salonnières) in their private homes, salons were private gatherings where people of similar class, interests and outlook came together to discuss literature, politics, philosophy or current events.

What can I look forward to at the Tea Salon?

The Tea Salon will be serving fresh tea and snacks all weekend to those who have purchased a tea room pass, beginning Friday afternoon and continuing until closing ceremonies on Sunday. Additional themed menus and special events will be added by our rotating list of Tea Captains, and announced when we release our schedule.

What's new in 2023? With our brand new hotel and theme, you can look forward to a speakeasy style "hidden room" in Terminus Manor, where our mysterious proprietor has stored all the wonderous things they have gathered in their adventures across the globe. We will continue to have a complement of rotating Tea Captains from all across the Eastern US, who will be bringing their own flair, specialty blends, and unique offerings to this year's tea salon. This means you will not only have even more tasty treats to fall in love with, but each tea captain will be offering their own specialty knowledge to this year's convention for workshops, classes, and panels as part of what we are calling The Apothecary.

The Apothecary, quite simply, will be our host of specialty programming on food, beverage, and medicinal tinctures and tonics that were popular back at the turn of the last century. Fascinated by traditional tea services? Curious about how fortunes could be told through tea leaf readings? These are just a few of the things you can learn about through our variety of Apothecary programming.

2024 Tea Salon​
  • open all weekend!
  • centrally located by main programming
  • unlimited tea
  • delicious snacks
  • quiet setting
  • comfy seating
  • friendly hosts
Where do I find a menu?

The full menu of teas and snacks, along with the special tea services, workshops, and panels, will be released closer to the event and will be posted here.

Menus will include multiple servings each day that align with traditional  serving times (brunch, afternoon tea, evening snack, etc), will include 6 different tea blends each day, and a variety of nibbles including tea cakes, biscuits, scones, sandwiches, spreads, and some vegan/gluten free options.

The tea salon will serve throughout the day from morning until late, and may be closed at certain times for setup or special events.

Where do I get my tickets?

A full-weekend pass for our Tea Salon is $18, which works out to only $6 a day for unlimited tea and a full weekend menu of snacks, which will be served throughout each day from open to close of the convention. You can buy your passes at the door or in advance. Day passes will be $9 each day and sold at the door only.

You must also have a membership to CONpossible in order to attend the Tea Salon. Kids 5 and under do not need a pass when attending with a paying adult.

Meet your Tea Captains!
Drogo Coffee and Tea

Drogo Coffee and Tea, founded in 2018, is a femme owned company located in Atlanta, GA. They specialize in small-batch coffee, slow-roasted over fire using green coffee beans from small lot Fair Trade farms, as well as a variety of unique tea blends that they create in-house.


Having worked as a barista for corporate, big-name coffee companies and developing café programs for local restaurants, owner, roaster, and tea-blender Barrie knew that they wanted to do something for themself for a change. Over the next few years, they began to teach themself how to roast coffee, adapting fire roasting techniques to create slow-roasted blends.

A beloved fixture of the Southeastern convention scene, Drogo Coffee and Tea has served at a number of markets, expositions, and conventions including The Atlanta Steampunk Exposition. Always in demand for their delicious brews, we are beyond thrilled to have them at the helm as part of our Tea Salon crew!

Visit Drogo Coffee and Tea's website!

Teaologie llc

Teaologie LLC began serving tea in 2010, from their private stash, to friends at conventions. They entertained them with the history of tea, brewing methods, and fun facts about the tea they were drinking. Now, they search for the best teas they can find from all around the world. The finest of leaves and the highest quality ingredients are selected for your enjoyment. They have all the gear and tea you need to either unwind from a long day or fuel it. Whether you're new to tea or have already developed a large collection, they have something for you.

A favorite among the Steampunk community, Teaologie has served tea at such shows as Teslacon, the International Steampunk Symposium, and COGS Expo. We are over the moon (and circling Venus) to have them joining us at CONpossible!

Visit Teaologie LLC's website!

Tea Tzar Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a connoisseur of quality food and teas, and he will be bringing his unique joy and playfulness to the Tea Salon this year. With a focus on unique flavors and familiar comforts, he's sure to delight.

A longtime attendee of Steampunk events around the country and a showrunner in his own right, Jeremiah (or Tea Tzar Miah) builds community wherever he goes with his warm, welcoming, and friendly demeanor. As a master blender and the Unofficial Street Team for Ohio Tea Co., Jeremiah is the heart and soul behind the COGS Tea Society and the veritable Tea Santa of the community.

We are delighted to have this most agreeable chap at the helm with our other Captains, as we know his spirit & enthusiasm will make the Tea Salon a once in a lifetime experience for everyone.

Weary after a long day of adventuring through the jungles?
Join us for a spell, and find refreshment for the rest of
your adventures.
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