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Our Guests for 2024 have not yet been announced. Please check back shortly for more information.
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In-House PresenterS



con chair • (he/him)

As a young nerd, Captain Billbill was drawn to the crowds at Dragon Con. A volunteer for many years, he always enjoyed the costumes, and when the first Steampunk group appeared on the back deck of the Hyatt hotel they blew him away. Joined by his wife, a skilled costumer, their creative minds got to work. Bedecked in her glorious costumes, Captain Billbill created the Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Company, transforming toy guns into steampunk creations (as of this date he has made over 1400). Bill has traveled and vended at conventions such as Dragon Con, Chattacon, the International Steampunk Symposium in Cincinatti, and Teslacon. This will be his 5th year running ASE (7th including the years lost to COVID).



costuming • (she/they)

Aleta Pardalis has been designing and creating costumes for over 20 years. She has been a guest and panelist for the last decade at events around the country and helped organize panels and workshops for events. In addition, she has recently put on a baking hat and apron to start Aleta's Alchemy in Florida where she sells gourmet cookies.



vice chair • (she/her)

Gabby Isabel has been performing, presenting, and volunteering at various conventions and community events for nearly a decade. As a craftswoman and artist, she established Grey Street Magpie in 2011 as a seller of fine leather goods, jewelry, armor (including chain maille and plate metal), and various and sundry costume and functional apparel. She has performed as a singer at conventions such as Dragon Con, frequently MCs events across the country, and has taught workshops and classes for all age ranges. Gabby's passion is building community spaces, and as a volunteer and community leader she always puts a focus on safety and accessibility in all her presentations.



programming director • (he/him)

Jason R. Merrill is a Sr. Software Engineer by day who somehow also finds the time to run Blackbird Finery (A purveyor of Vintage Gentlemen's Accessories). A fixture of the Atlanta convention scene for over 30 years, he's been making it a much better dressed one for over 20 of them. He has hosted formal events at conventions like Anime Weekend Atlanta, Dragon Con, & The Atlanta Steampunk Expo. He's been featured on podcasts such as "Stuff You Missed in History Class" and spoken at events like TeslaCon, Wild Wild West Con, 221BCon, and COGS Expo. His presentations include talks on historical men's fashion, period etiquette, antique and vintage accessories, as well as his latest obsession, one hundred year old soda fountain formulas. He is the host of the Gothic Heroine Book Club which has now had meetings in Georgia, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania and is expanding all the time.



fabrication • (she/her)

Dianna Valdez is a maker, designer and cosplayer that specializes in machine assisted design. From 3D printing to laser engraving and CNC milling she uses her self learned skills with machines to develop fantastical creations that span all genres and fandoms and into the practical world. Her skills also extend into electronic design and creation to add lights, sound and movement to wearable props and inventions. She has 23 years of experience in the costuming world as well as experience educating at events and online. Now an LGBTQ+ inclusive business owner, she runs her own 3D fabrication lab and Audio Video company.



lifestyles programming • (they/them)

Hailing from a background as multifaceted as their name, The Chameleon spins it all together for performing and teaching. They have been in the books, behind the scenes, and on the boards for over 30 years. Twenty of those years have been devoted to their “wife,” Burlesque. They have taught workshops and hosted panels on the pin-up lifestyle, compassionate cosplay, and their 7 Virtues of Burlesque philosophy, toured the US & Canada, performed at DragonCon as a part of the burlesque shows and with The Last Dance, was Creative Loafing's People's Choice Best Burlesque Performer in '06, and chosen in '07 as an alternate for the Burlesque Hall of Fame's Best Debut category as the well-known fan dancer, Diamond Ice. They are a founding member of Angel Action Atlanta, now the executive director and DeathWalker who is spearheading their queer dying and death care outreach program, Your Legacy project.



youth programming • (she/her)

Elizabeth Corbet is returning this year to run the Atlanta Steampunk Exposition Youth Academy. She has a background in working with young people through the scouting program and looks forward to the added role-playing game this year.

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