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Geoffrey Mandragora

The pen name for Brent Mehring, Geoffrey is the author of the three book (thus far) "Thunderbolt Chronicles". We are thrilled to have him bring his memorable cast of characters to our inaugural convention!!

dana fraedrich

Dana Fraedrich is a dog lover, self-professed geek, and author of the steampunk fantasy series Broken Gears, which includes the Amazon bestseller, Out of the Shadows. When she isn't busy writing or attending book shows and author conferences, she can be found playing video games and frolicking among the Bookstagram community (the bookish corner of Instagram).

dana fraedrich.png

Mike Lackey

author of the "Cherokee steam," a stoo. 

Philip ligon

Philip Ligon fell in love with the epic adventures, quests, and fantastic realms found in science fiction and fantasy literature in his early high school years.  In the meantime, his enjoyment of science and math led him to a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Little did he know that all of these interests were pointing him to the one thing that brings them all together – Steampunk.  Once he realized the possibilities therein, he began the Engine series.

strange engine.jpg
tammy and me framexcf.png

Stephen Chapman

An active member of the Steampunk Community since 2005, Stephen Chapman manages to bring the rich Steampunk world to life in the novels of his Company Chronicles.


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